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*You'll find 22 franchises & businesses you
can start for under $600!

Includes 62 franchises & business opps listed.

These Franchises & Businesses are some of the best kept secrets and overlooked by many!

Did you know you can start a franchise and other businesses for as low as $50!

If you are a woman, in search of a REAL business, to make a REAL living, this ebook is for you.

This is a MUST read and resource if you are looking for a business of your own.

NO MLM's or Home Party Plans Included

Why waste time scouring through magazine after magazine and spending hours on the internet trying to find that perfect business for you?  We save you the time by highlighting both franchises AND businesses that are great for women. These are not MLM's or Home Party Plans where typically your income is limited to anywhere from 15 - 30% profit of the products you sell, and where all your hard work benefits the company more than yourself. These are businesses in which you are given much more flexibility, more ownership and a much larger profit of your sales and services.  These are businesses where you have the experience, expertise and advice of companies behind you who want to see you succeed in your own business.

We give you a brief synopsis of the company, the costs to get started and all the contact information to receive more information if you are interested.

If you have never thought of a franchise before, you may have thought they were just too expensive for you.  While owning a McDonalds, Mail Box Etc. or other large name franchise can literally run you 100's of thousands of dollars, there are many smaller franchises, who are very very successful, that you can own for much less.  We've even found some as low as $50, $65 and $99! (Many of these companies also offer financing if you are unable to come up with the money right away.)  We aren't going to fool you, not all businesses are this inexpensive to start - but you will find 14 businesses for under $600.   There are several others that do cost quite a bit more, but with franchises, your investment is returned on a larger scale as you keep quite a bit more profit than MLM's or Home Party Plans.

Why a Franchise?  Look at the statistics:

* In the US -  $803 billion worth of sales is done through franchises including 42% of all retail sales

* More than 60% percent of all new non-franchised businesses end within the first six years of their operation due to failure, bankruptcy, or other reasons

This ebook also includes:

Offer for Free Home Business Magazine Free Business Help
& Resources
Business Ideas
Free Business Products & Accessories

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ISP Service for $14.95/Month
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100's of Free Offers, Samples & Coupons
for women

This is not an ebooks filled with "fluff" and extra verbage just to make it larger in page numbers.  
This is a condensed, "what you need and want for information" 18 page ebook.

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