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How To Get A Good Dog House

Getting a good dog house these days can be a real challenge. On the one hand, there are many models you should consider. On the other, the product needs to be made from dependable materials, and it has to provide the protection that the animal requires when it’s cold or hot outside.

There are several variations when it comes to dog houses. Some are even designed to be used indoors, and most of these models are made with materials and fabrics that might be damaged by rain, snow, or anything that the elements might throw at it. It goes without saying that what you should set your eyes on is a product that manages to meet your expectations regarding durability.

Here are several factors that you ought to keep in mind the next time you set out to find a great dog house for your Fido.

What is the item made of?

Some models are made out of wood, but most of those that we have come across are painted with lacquer and other types of solutions to render the wood somewhat impervious to water. If the dog house is made of wood and it doesn’t have this type of coating, it’s your responsibility to apply it both on the inside and the outside of the structure.

There are also options made of plastic. They can be quite eye-catching, but the fact is that they are often less durable when compared to their wooden counterparts. Besides, these synthetic materials aren't all that healthy, especially when exposed to the sun for a long time.

Dog houses that should be used indoors have a structure made of metal or wood, and on top, they have various types of textiles like felt or anything else. So, which one of these would make a great fit for your furry buddy?

Rain protection

If your dog spends most of his or her time out in the yard, you need a house that can protect him or her from the elements. Usually, the top (roof) of the house is impervious to rain, but the bottom might not be the same. Why’s that? Some manufacturing brands aren’t particularly intelligent when making dog houses, which means that they won’t make their products with a lifted bottom.

A lifted bottom is particularly important because otherwise, in the event that there’s heavy rain pour, there might be water collected in your yard, and it might go into the dog house. The roof needs to be slanted so that it allows the water to sluice on the sides of the house.

Temperature and UV protection

During the summer, the temperature in some areas of the United States can get alarmingly scalding. So on days like those, you need to make sure that your pet rests comfortably. Although it might actually be better for you to keep your dogs inside where you have the comfort and convenience of AC, good dog houses like these ones can keep furry friends protected even when the weather’s scorching.

Look for UV-resilient models and those that have decent ventilation so that there’s a good airflow inside the house.

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